The Baby Crib Hammock – Baby Hammock provides a safe and secure environment that closely mimics the feeling of the womb. Babies are soothed by rocking because they associate the rocking motion with the movements they felt while nestled in the safety and security of their mother’s womb. When the baby is put into the hammock, his own weight pulls the fabric in around him, creating a snug cocoon- or the womb-like environment.

The Baby Crib Hammock – Baby Hammock is a mini version of an adult hammock, but a specially designed sleeping bed for your baby. It can be attached to any crib and helps reduces environmental risk factors associated with Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS.

Which Baby Hammock For Crib To Choose?

1. Poco Nature’s Nest

First up is the Poco Nature’s Nest. It is one of the more expensive baby hammocks available online, but delivers a high-quality value for its price. It is also a well-known and well-liked baby hammocks on the market, with 5/5 stars on Amazon and a good reputation online. The Poco says that it is designed to mimic a mother’s “natural movements,” which give your child “optimal reassurance” and natural comfort, and also says that the gentle swaying and position of the hammock is great for relieving colic and reflux. The hammock hangs from a spring attached to the stand, which allows you to gently bounce the baby up and down inside the hammock, and swings in all directions, allowing you to gently rock him or her to sleep.

The Nature’s Nest is capable of safely holding children up to 20lbs (about 12 months of age). A heavier-duty spring, designed for toddlers, allows it to safely hold up to 45lbs and is available for separate purchase later on. The Nature’s Nest is also completely portable, and can be easily dissembled and moved around. It weighs 11kg when folded up and put into its bag. It also comes with two fitted sheets.


Build quality
Organic Materials



2.Amby Baby Motion Bed

The Amby is very well known as far as baby hammock go. Even more so after the voluntary recall issued a few months years ago. They have issued replacement parts to all current owners who wished for one.


Great reputation (even with the recall)
Low end of the price range for hammocks.
Comes with a travel bag for compact transport.
Easy to put together and move from place to place.


Not available new for the moment.
Not many color choices.
Not as attractive as other hammocks.

3. Amazonas Koala

Up next is the Amazonas Hammock Koala. Retailing online at a fair price, the Koala by Amazonas is much cheaper than some other options, like the Nature’s Nest. However, it provides an excellent value and is widely liked online, with a 4.5/5-star rating on Amazon. It is a very different design; instead of a hanging off a pole, like the Nature’s Nest, the Koala uses a folding wooden frame, similar to that of a typical yard hammock. The hammock itself is woven out of soft, 100% pure cotton, and suspended by sturdy, strong suspensions straps. The hammock is padded for extra comfort, and has an integrated, sewn-in safety harness with buckle to keep your baby safe and secure as it is gently lulled to sleep. The hammock also has a locking position, to keep it from swaying when necessary.

The Koala is designed to be extra portable and convenient for travel. It only weighs 3.4kg and folds down to fit easily in its canvas bag. It can be set up anywhere with flat ground; in the bedroom, the kitchen, in the garden, or on trips away from home. No tools are necessary for set up, and the hammock can be removed for periodic washing.

The Koala is widely loved online, and makes a wonderful and relatively affordable option. It makes the best baby hammock for parents who are very active and mobile, or who just like the ability to set up the hammock around the house or yard.


Portable and light
Good price
Can be hung on stand or on doorway


Stand must be purchased separately.